Monday, October 16, 2006


It’s been ups and downs for me. I was pretty excited to start school, meet the new teachers, meet my new kids. It all dissolved rather quickly when it became apparent the school is playing it tricksy. I’ve decided to renegotiate my contract in hopes I can stay. I always think things will get better. But in this case, it may be time to shift my loyalties elsewhere.

I’m pretty bummed to be a ferenj again. Today these kids bolted into a sprint towards me, only to ask for money. Not a “hello” or a “semesh manno”, just the cold hard truth. When I told them, “yellenym” and kept walking, they started making pig noises. At which point I called them, “baleuge”. And then I felt sorry for myself.

It was the first time I came home by myself after dark. I was definitely self conscious to the point that I took a contract taxi.

My mom is en route to China. I’m so happy she’s traveling to a place she never felt like visiting. Maybe next year, she’ll come here.

I had a kid go into a temper tantrum / meltdown today. Each day I vow never to have 28 children and that mine will be different.

And the boyfriend? Lovely.