Saturday, September 09, 2006

welcome back

It’s a return to the same. Somehow I expected things to be different but only the prices seem to have changed. I’ve quickly gone back to eating ferfer and fuell. We’ve brought so many luxuries back from out trip – things like new white sheets and fluffy towels - that I feel as if my house is somewhat ostentatious. And now I have to worry about keeping the sheets clean because it’s raining constantly and mud seems to be everywhere. And I have to worry about somehow keeping the towels fluffy. They’re ridiculous things to consider when you look outside and know that people who were getting by on nothing now have even less. It’s as if living here means continuing to sleep on a saggy mattress with the springs poking into my hip. I actually had to choose to make my bed comfortable and in my brain, I feel like I’ve let myself acquire some grown up things. I haven’t gone as far as buying high heels or anything but did get some dangly earrings. And fluffy towels. And white sheets. What was I thinking?


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