Thursday, August 17, 2006

sight and sound from toronto

Sight No. 1
- I see a homeless man walking down a trendy street in Toronto. I have my eye on him, just curious to see what he'll do as he's obviously chewing on something but has no teeth. He bends down near a garbage can and picks up a couple pieces of stringy hot gum off of the sidewalk and does what I think he absolutely is not going to do, but fear he might - puts it in his mouth and keeps on chewing.

Sound No. 1
- I heard the bass pumping before I saw the vehicle it was coming from. The tune took me right back to dancing in my cousin's living room to an old record with funny costumed people on the cover...Boney M. The tune? "Night Flight to Venus". And that bass was killer today. Especially coming from a souped up black truck with four exhaust pipes.