Thursday, January 04, 2007

Of mouse and girl

We've got a mice problem. I'm hoping it's just a mouse (singular) problem but it seems unlikely.

I fear mice beyond snakes and spiders. I could see myself having a snake as a pet. We've had spiders as pets (well, at least kept the "cool" ones in a jar). But mice are different. They're unpredictable and they run so fast. Squirmy is the word. And they're dirty. By far the worst clue with respect to a mouse problem is the poop. It's a further insult - I'm here and I've defecated on your counter multiple times. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I guess the mouse problem isn't really a surprise. We're the ones in the mouse's territory. Just because we live in a house doesn't exclude us from nocturnal visits. And our house is hardly hermetically sealed. There are always insects of various kinds - big mindless beetles, etc. But a mouse seems a bit more purposeful - seeking out a crumb of food, gnawing on your toes. They mean to frighten you running out from under the couch at 3 in the morning while you're reading sordid tales (hi Britney!). Good thing your feet were up or it could have been Toeless Sara.

And so of course, I want it dead.

Happy New Year everybody.


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